Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let's brighten things up a bit

(Banana Republic sweater, ZARA tapered khakis, Merona suede wedges, Michael Kors watch)

So the storm didn't end up hitting the Maryland area, but instead, we got a great surprise: warmer weather, which called for brighter colors at my internship today! Finding work appropriate pants has always been an issue for me (hello, hips!) because the usual pant silhouette is flared. However, I always find that flared pants make me look shorter than I am and hug my hips in the most unflattering ways. Thank goodness for ZARA and their plethora of tapered pants, which have become my new best friend next to jeggings.

Hopefully, by the end of the week, you guys won't have to see me in front of my doorstep anymore. I can't seem to find any time to take pictures right now unless it's in the morning before I head out to work and school. But stay tuned kids, I'm going to be out and about this weekend to see Chromeo (one of my favorite bands ever), so many outfits need to be scoured!


Prutha said...

cute pants...

follow if u like what u see?


Alaina said...

I love those shoes. I Love them. They are seriously amazing. They are perfect for work or for a night off.

I may or may not be trying to find them online right now :)

Nice outfit!

xox alainastyle

Sarah Bianchi said...

i love these colours together!!
nice pants

~k said...

Nice wedges, they're a great color!
Have fun at the concert!