Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fully Prepared

(Urban Outfitters maxi cardigan, H&M striped shirt, Dad's wife beater, Forever 21 denim shirt, Express leggings, Hunter rain boots)

I feel cheated -- by the weather! Just last week, I was enjoying 70 degree, sunny weather. But, noo. We just had to get hit with more snow! Too bad, snow, I am prepared to trudge around campus in you because of my Hunter rain boots! 

Never did I think I would buy rain boots. Psh, how naive. After a horrible experience freshman year walking all over my giant campus in the rain, I bought some rain boots online that night. But those have been retired due to wear and tear. My mom was awesome enough to buy me these Hunters for Christmas, and they are amazing! You know how most rain boots in snow freeze your toes off? Well, these keep them nice and toasty. Success!

And that giant cardigan I got from Urban Outfitters is my new favorite item in my closet. I am the No. 1 fan of the maxi trend, and when I saw this baby on sale yesterday, I just had to get it! I love that it's so dramatic and darn comfortable. This will be another item I will wear year round.

Oh, and sorry about the light switches and electrical outlets. I don't know how these other bloggers do it taking pictures in gorgeous settings all the time. Today, I was in the "DAD STOP WATCHING ME TAKE PICTURES FOR MY BLOG" mood, so I stayed in my room.

Hope everyone else is in better weather!


Dominika said...

really great look!

Cylia said...

it's always whenever you think it's going to be sunny.. storm hits! haha.. i like your wellies:) fashionable booties!

WanderLust said...

lusting this outfit... the denim shirt is perfect! Great blog :) now following you!


Ashley said...

not to make you jealous or anything... but its in the high 60s in az :) just saying! haha... but the downside is that i can never wear cute boots like that! gahhhhh i want them!

Laurita P said...

don't you just wish spring would hurry up and get here for good?! very cute outfit, love the stripes


lindsey lowe said...

love the outfit... i need those boots.

Julia mode said...

love this outfit :D

crystal glamour said...

love your outfit!


Emma said...

Love your blog ! Following :)

Kristen Leotsakou said...

so pretty! completely irrelevant but i really like the wall color too :P
lovely blog! defenately following! <3