Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Playing catch up

(Express blazer, Target denim shirt, Forever 21 jeggings, Target ballet flats, ZARA city bag with top stitching)

This gem was brought to you by the insane weather in Maryland. I am totally whipping my hair back and forth. Apparently, it snowed last night. And today, the wind almost knocked me over. Thank goodness this blazer is made of a super warm knit material.

And here's where I insert my apology for not posting. Midterms are upon us, so please forgive me if I've been slacking on posting. University work has consumed my life, but it's time to GET SOME and graduate this May!

So my favorite part of this outfit has to be my new bag from ZARA! My current work bag from Target is getting pretty beat up. I've been looking for a replacement for quite some time that is big enough and has enough structure to support my laptop. This bag is probably the closest I'll ever get to a Birkin.

Back to hitting the books. Peace dudes.


nat / juxta-posing said...

Love this! You look tres put-together. And I'm with you on your work bag...it's gorgeous.

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Love your breif bag.. Absolutely amazing!

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jamie-lee said...

cute outfit! and love the new handbag, it's so chic x

goodbadnfab said...

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Alex said...

nice bag!


LaceAndLadders said...

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Aahna said...

Your bag is so pretty and so classic too. Love.

Abigail said...

such an adorable bag!! i need a new satchel/brief.. could be zara! xo


La Michelle said...

wow, love you bag
you look amazing :D


Kacrates said...

I love that bag. Looks like great quality and bears a resemblance to Hermes.