Sunday, June 5, 2011

Eye Candy

I was recently perusing my blog photos and noticed that I have never worn my glasses yet! I have been wearing glasses since elementary school, and yes, I have horrible vision without them. I have definitely bumped into things without my contacts in before, haha. I usually wear my glasses more often, but since I got a stronger prescription for contacts, I haven't been wearing my glasses. 

Now that I need a new prescription for my glasses, I need your help in picking some new frames! All the frames in my photos came from Warby Parker, an awesome line of glasses for men and women. The best part is that all their frames are $95 with prescription lenses. What a steal! And what's even cooler, you can try on five pairs of glasses for FREE. All you have to do is pick out your five frames, and they're shipped to your home, so you can try them on. And when you're done, just send them back with the pre-paid postage.

The only problem is... what pair do I choose when they're all so cute!? I'm quite partial to the Huxley, Fillmore and Begley. Let me know what you guys think! Cheers!


Eva said...

awww i love your glasses! :D your really pretty and I love your blog!!

xoxo Evaa

Laurita P said...

i like the huxleys the best on you!

LV said...

I like the huxleys! Very nice blog! I wear glasses and hate wearing them, but you inspire md to not feel bad about wearing them.


vintage process said...

Nice pictures!