Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Holy Pleats!

(H&M striped shirt, Target cardigan, Urban Outfitters pleated skirt, ZARA belt, Target tights, Urban Outfitters t-strap heels)

Holy cow was today stressful! Not only did I have to deal with unhelpful people on the phone today at my internship, but I've got tons of homework to do. Luckily, I've gotten through most of everything, so I'm finally starting to wind down today.

Since I didn't post Monday, I figured I would amp up my outfit today. I've had this pleated skirt for over a week now, but I haven't worked up the courage to wear it today. And it's a good thing I did because I needed to be fierce for the hurdles I dealt with! I love pleats because they look so traditional, professional and crisp. And the length of the skirt made me feel like a librarian versus a grandma, haha. 

Also, today is the first day I've ever worn heels on campus! Man, did I feel cool like those stylish girls who strut around campus in pumps. Although, my gams aren't exactly happy. 

Now, off to be studious! Hopefully, Boyfriend will rub my overworked feet later.


Becky-May said...

I love this skirt! Pleats are so lovely and femenine!

The Flower Girl


Sarah said...

ahh my life story, homework homework homework! No joke I have four papers to write and I'm kind of having a heart attack. Speaking of heart attacks your skirt gave me one, I'm so obsessed with pleats and I love love this skirt, like steal it from you while your not looking love:)
Wearing It On My Sleeves

Hannah said...

Love this skirt, I have my eye on a topshop one

Bow Dream Nation xx

Jess said...

The skirt is lovely...great outfit!

Francesca said...

great skirt!! you have styled it perfectly :)

F. ( x

Alaina said...

Your skirt! Love it :)

Usually pleated skirts remind me of the uniform I had to wear in grade/high school... but the way you styled this really makes me reconsider..

xox alaina

cryskay said...

your outfit is so well put together. that skirt is gorgeous! xo

CMA said...

loving your blog!
i'll be back for sure, so keep it up!
come visit COSMICaroline and see the new layout, fresh looks, and an upcoming post on the Nashville Anthropologie Fashion Show!


La Petite Marmoset said...

Lovely skirt dear!

La Petite Marmoset

andulis said...

hi! omg i love it! very cool blog!


lydia-lee said...

wow love your blog hon!

that skirt is AAMAZING, especially with that lovely belt!

love your blog hon, check out mine if you want hon, we might have a bit in common :)

a fashion blog by lydialee!

Fashion Fabrice said...

the plaited skirt looks fabulous! you really look stunning in this outfit!
haha you didn't look like a grandma AT ALL:)
You have a great blog! I'm really happy I ran into it!:) You 're very stylish and i like reading your blogposts:)
So i'm going to follow you from now!
Hope you visit me back and become a follower too!


Zsara said...

i am in love with the pleats; gorgeous outfit xo

Young Gucci Purse said...

I love this outfit-very chic, particularly the nautical T with the skirt

Leigha said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the skirt! I always envy the girls that are brave enough to walk around in heels on campus... but, personally, I don't see how they do it! So, bonus points to you! =]

Thoa said...

The skirt is so beautiful! It doesn't look striped to me though, it looks more pleated? The belt is also really cute.

After studying abroad in Japan for a year, I ONLY wore heels whenever I went out anywhere. I swear it gives you way more of a workout. That's why I could afford to eat all I ate in college... cuz I had to walk around everywhere, in heels. Oh ho ho ho!

Your pictures are amazing too (^^)v