Friday, February 11, 2011

A Splash of Color

(Forever 21 Gingham shirt, Forever 21 cardigan, American Apparel high waist skirt, Forever 21 tights, Steve Madden riding boots)


This week was absolutely exhausting! School and internship are getting harder each day, so it's time to put my A-game on... but not until after the weekend, haha.

In an effort to get my spirits up, I decided to wear really bright colors today. This is waaaay out of my comfort zone, but I ended up loving the look! FYI, the tights are Forever 21 keep your legs amazingly warm!

I can't say I took full credit for this outfit though. I was on Kendi Everyday the other day, and she almost the exact same outfit (but hers was way cuter!). I loved how she paired bright, fluorescent colors with olive and mustard hues. That girl can pair colors like it's nobody's business!

Anyway, after a long day in the basement of the Library of Congress, it's time to crash and hang with Boyfriend. Happy weekend all!


Jess said...

I LOVE your riding boots! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Only thing I would have added would be a belt that matches your boots to conceal the elastic waist band. Would have made for a much cleaner divide/transition from head to toe. (Also would have provided a darker color among the pinks to complement the tan sweater)

Sofi Stellar said...

Ooh, such an interesting color combination. I really like the yellow tights/leggings. The pink blouse, too :) Very cute!

Phuong said...

really nice violet color outfit

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kirstyb said...

loving all the colours xxx

jamie-lee said...

loving all the colour in this outfit, it's so cute!

Mamacita said...

Loved your blog and your outfits!!
I am following you.
Come visit me too, hopefully you will like it and follow me back!

Karoline Kalvø said...

Love your blog, dear. Now following.

Hope you'll visit and follow (if you like) mine as well. I've just started.

Love, always.
Karoline Kalvo

Zarna said...

what a great color combo! i'm loving the bright yellow tights!